Ministry of Public Health urges not to believe information about mRNA vaccine contains radioactive substances – Post Today, general society

The Ministry of Public Health clarified not to believe that mRNA vaccine data contains radioactive substances.

Date 12 Oct 2021 time 19:12

The Ministry of Public Health has confirmed that the mRNA vaccine does not contain any radioactive substances. aluminum metal contaminants while the encapsulated fat particles carry the genetic material. The vaccine is safe to enter the body.

Dr. Chawetsan Namwat, director of the Department of Disease Control and Emergency Health Disasters Division, said social media were now found to have inaccurate information. This has led to uncertainties in many vaccines, such as the case indicating that mRNA vaccines contain radioactive substances. aluminum metal contaminants Confirm that the vaccine components do not contain these substances.

“Vaccination production must have a clear registration of the ingredients. And every batch of vaccine that comes in has to go through safety and quality checks, such as physical contamination. If abnormality is detected, it will be returned to the company for destruction. It is an international standard that is practiced the same in every country,” said Dr. Chawatsan.

Dr. Chawetsan said that in the event that Contains nanoparticles or harmful particles. Please clarify that mRNA vaccines use lipid nanoparticles. or lipid nanoparticles This is a technology that has developed some medicines that were previously used to help bring the drug into the body to be effective. It has been tested to be safe before it is allowed in the US and EU. This ensures that the lipid nanoparticles that are components of the vaccine are safe.

The claim that people who had been vaccinated with mRNA had more severe symptoms than those who did not. This is not true. According to the results of studies, the vaccine prevents up to 95% of severe symptoms and death, even among the elderly whose immune response is less than other ages. The efficiency is still high at 94%.

“The vaccines that are injected in Thailand have already been injected in a large number of foreign countries. The medical personnel in all groups received injections first. and is a voluntary injection Because it is a personal right to make a decision. The same is true for injecting in students with prior parental inquiry. to express an intention The government sector will campaign to invite vaccination for academic reasons. But in the end, it depends on the individual’s decision whether to inject or not,” said Dr. Chawetsan.


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