Miscellaneous – Justice | Exclusive – Marseille: taxis attack VTCs and Uber for “criminal association”

Thursday, December 20, 2018. 9:55 a.m. Place Castellane. Marseilles. Anthony

taps on the keyboard of his smartphone and orders a VTC to get to the Best Western Prado hotel (8th), via the Uber application. Four minutes later, the driver, Malik, tumbles at the wheel of a black Renault Talisman and drops off the passenger at his destination. On the sidewalk opposite, a man raises his hand. He hails the Uber, asks if he can drive it to another address. Malik accepts, without hesitation. While driving, he asks the customer comfortably coiled in the back to make a classic reservation, “you should come across me”, he slips, used to it. After an unsuccessful attempt, it is indeed the case: Uber offers the “right” driver. The driver

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