Missing Child Emile: A Mystery Unfolds in the Hamlet of Vernet

2023-08-07 15:53:27

Posted on Wednesday, July 19, 2023 at 11:21 a.m.

Disappeared since July 8, Emile is described as a “resourceful” child. For the mayor of the commune of Vernet, François Balique, Émile is a “good walker”. According to the gendarmes, the boy with the dandelion behind his ear used to “follow the butterflies” and wander around the fifteen houses of the hamlet.

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The morning of the child’s disappearance, Dédé, a resident of the small village of Haut-Vernet, said he saw him walking around. And nothing foreshadowed the drama that was to follow… “It was a few hours before he disappeared,” says Dédé. “He was a little child in diapers who was frolicking, as we have already seen many. Besides, he wasn’t alone that day, he was with his uncles and aunts. It’s a big family, and good people. They are very religious and practicing, with an exemplary education…”

A large family that lives almost self-sufficiently

Other inhabitants of the village confirm this description of Emile’s family. “They are very religious, very discreet. They lived a little in autarky, ”says a neighbor. “We don’t really have any exchanges with them,” continues another resident. “We only know them by sight, they are very discreet…”


If they do not live in Haut-Vernet, the members of this family are regulars in the area. Indeed, the small family had taken the habit of spending their holidays in this village, as another inhabitant of the hamlet tells it. “They have been coming here on vacation for more than twenty years and travel by minibus. They organize an annual concert of classical music of religious inspiration at the village church. But, in reality, we don’t know them well, the grandparents have eleven children and rather keep to themselves. »

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A description of the toddler’s maternal family which contrasts however with the profile of Colomban, the child’s dad…

Who is Colomban S., the father of little Emile?

Originally from Yvelines, Colomban S. has a rather dark past. The 26-year-old father is a former member of Action Française. An engineer by training, he was also a very active activist within the small group Bastion social Marseille, a far-right association which received a letter of dissolution in 2019.

But, before the disappearance of the small group, Colomban had been called to appear before the criminal court of Aix-en-Provence, in 2018, for an alleged attack on people of foreign origin. However, he was acquitted in this case. He then entered politics, since he was, during the regional elections of 2021, on an electoral list in support of Eric Zemmour, called “Zou the list that gets rid of the system. »

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