“Missing Crazy X” in Yu Gwan-sun… Democratic Party’s Lee Byung-hoon posted a controversial ‘poem’ and then deleted it

Lee Byung-hoon, a member of the Democratic Party of Korea (Gwangju, Dong-gu, Nam-gu, Gwangju), posted the poem “Yu Gwan-sun” by Jeong Ho-seung on Facebook and then deleted it. This poem caused controversy by expressing the martyr Yu Gwan-sun as ‘Crazy X’, and poet Jeong Ho-seung even apologized.

Rep. Lee wrote on Facebook on the 1st, “As of March 1st, Martyr Yu Gwan-sun still seems to be standing waving the Taegeukgi. I am posting a poem in memory of the forefathers who stood up resolutely in protest against the Japanese colonial rule.” raised

The poem contains the contents of the poem, “I go to the crazy bitch I miss. I go with a sickle in the sunlight. The shadow of the chasing one goes by stepping on it, picking grass and handing it out instead of a gun knife.” “I miss you in the steals in the steals in the cubs, and I go to the crying.

At the end of the post, Rep. Lee said, “Candidate Jae-myung Lee and the Democratic Party will take the lead in making the Republic of Korea a better place by upholding the will of our ancestors, who became bright lamps of the nation with patriotism, even under the harsh conditions of Japanese colonial rule.” .

Rep. Lee’s Facebook page was flooded with critical comments, such as “Coming with a poem that the original author even apologized for” and “I will inform the bereaved families of Yu Gwan-sun.”

Poet Jeong Ho-seung’s poem ‘Yu Gwan-sun’ was first published in the 1979 collection of poems ‘Sadness to Joy’. After that, it was re-recorded in ‘People’, a collection of poems published by the Korean Poets Association in May 2013, and became known to the bereaved families of the martyr Yu Gwan-sun. After the family of Yu Gwan-sun protested vigorously, Poet Jeong publicly apologized in 2013, 35 years later.

At that time, Poet Jeong issued an apology in the advertisements of four central daily newspapers over two days and said, “By using certain words (nostalgic bitch, cheating mother, prostitute, leper), the noble honor of Martyr Yu Gwan-sun for 35 years has been dishonored and the patriotic martyrdom has been martyred. “I promise that I will not permanently publish ‘Yu Gwan-sun’ in any series of poems published under Jeong Ho-seung’s name in the future.”

The opposition has called for an apology. People’s Power Representative Lee Jun-seok posted on Facebook on the same day, saying, “The Democratic Party should apologize to the people at the party level for insulting Martyr Yu Gwan-sun on the 3rd Day.” Park Min-young, a youth assistant to the People’s Power, also criticized, “Are you insulting the martyrs by sharing a poem with a derogatory expression of ‘Crazy X’?

Rep. Lee Byung-hoon deleted the post as the controversy grew and posted an apology. He said, “I apologize. I made a scandal by citing an inappropriate poem in a post that coincided with the March 1st verse,” he said. “I did not understand the context of the poem, and I did not realize that the poet apologized. There was absolutely no intention to disparage the ancestors.”

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