Mixed summer sales, according to the SNI

2023-07-30 09:49:20

Monday, July 31, will mark the last day of the summer sales in Belgium. According to the Neutral Union for the Self-Employed (SNI), the feeling is mixed on the part of traders.” Indeed, the first week had been very good, even excellent in some cities, thanks in particular to a very promising first weekend. But traders had to become disenchanted fairly quickly,” the union said in a statement on Sunday. “It is unfortunately in contradiction with a certain optimism (shared by a third of traders) which prevailed before the start of these sales.”

The rest of the month was indeed calmer, with fewer customers, according to the merchants surveyed. According to the SNI, the trend seems darker on the French-speaking side where the new leave system seems to have had a negative impact: “Since the number of weeks of vacation is reduced, customers probably left earlier”, interprets the union. . The weather would also have played a role, according to the traders interviewed.

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