MLB: Pirates with a month of power never seen in the Major Leagues (+Videos) | baseball 123

Harold Capote Fernandez

A new episode is experienced on the last day of June for the Pittsburgh Pirates; With the display of power given by Michael Pérez, who hits 3 home runs against the Milwaukee Brewers, something unprecedented happens in the journey of more than 100 years for the Buccaneers and in the Major Leagues in general.

And it is that during this month, two other of his crew live games with a trio of homers; the first to achieve it is Jack Suwinski against the San Francisco Giants, while the second is Bryan Reynolds who completes them this Wednesday the 29th against the Washington Nationals.

In this way, and according to the ESPN Stats & Info Twitter account, for the first time, both the Majors and the Pirates have three players who, in the course of a month, have three-hit games from four corners.

How long will it take to be able to appreciate a fact like this again?

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