MMA: “I’m happy with the scenario”, savors Ciryl Gane after her victory against Tai Tuivasa

The Guadeloupean Ciryl Gane, winner by KO of Tai Tuivasa on Saturday in Paris, particularly appreciated the scenario of his fight against the Australian. He knocked him down in the second round of their duel, during the first event organized in France by the UFC.

updated on September 4, 2022 at 10:50 am

Two and a half years after the legalization of MMA in France, l’Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) organized this Saturday, September 3 in Paris its first event, but probably not the last, given the success of the evening at the Accor Arena. The 15,000 places were sold out in a few minutes, at prices ranging from 83 euros to more than 1,500 euros.

Ciryl Gane, number 1 in the heavyweight category, blasted the world number 3 in the third round, after having come close to a knockout in the second round. Thanks to this victory, the 32-year-old Guadeloupe should again have a chance to fight for the world belt after his failure against Ngannou last January. Ciryl Gane therefore did not disappoint the spectators of the Accor Arena this Saturday. Following his victory, he gave a press conference summarized here.

Tai Tuivasa got you in trouble. How did you manage to find the flaw?

Ciryl Gane : It was an undermining job, especially with the jab which bothered him a lot. And when we really got to the heart of the matter, we went looking for the body a bit. After I got hit I went back into warrior mode for a bit, went for the body to try to hurt it and it worked. He touched me badly but I didn’t go easy either.

Are you happy with your performance?

I’m especially happy with the script because it was a tough fight and it created emotions. I think the viewers must have loved that fight. I managed at first, then he came back, he hurt me. He touched me, everyone thought it was going to end. I come back even stronger and I finally finish in my turn. So I think everyone is happy with this evening.

Have you ever felt in danger?

I didn’t have time to ask myself this question. I just had time to react and get back into the fight. I didn’t have this feeling of worry saying to myself + what is going to happen? +. The strategy was not to take his hits! (laughs) In other words, touch and not be touched. That’s the basis.”

The other four French won before you. All expectations were therefore on you. Did you have any particular pressure?

Yes it puts pressure. I’ve always liked having an outsider position, it’s a comfortable situation. Here we are in Paris, we are at home, I am on the poster. A lot is expected of me. Imagine I lose, that would have been the disaster scenario. Even if I say that I am not a (stressed) person, it added pressure to me, especially in the last hours.

You are a bit like the captain of French MMA. How do you assume this status?

It just makes sense because today I’ve come a little further than the others, but they’re coming too. Because I was the first, that makes me the flag bearer. But still, some guys have more experience than me so that doesn’t mean much. It’s just that I’m a little more exposed. But I take the role head on, I assume it and I try to set a good example.

Are you ready for a revenge against the Cameroonian Francis Ngannou who beat you last January in the fight for the world belt?

With great pleasure. It’s my job. My goals are to go back. We were close to having it. Today (Saturday) was a stage to go back, I hope there won’t be others.

Did the atmosphere bring you positive, pressure, or did you ignore it?

It only did me good. it made me smile, it made me feel good. I was really happy to see that atmosphere. It was also a message for the UFC. We are in France, this is the first event. Take a look at what the public is capable of doing. I was too happy about that. Frankly the public has seriously assured. I send them lots of love and thanks and the story continues.

MMA is an extreme combat sport that allows kicks, punches, knees and elbows, as well as ground strikes, chokeholds and locks inside a cage. France has long been one of the last countries to ban discipline deemed too violent.

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