Moderna officially requests authorization to distribute its vaccine

This Monday, November 30, the American company unveiled additional results of tests carried out on 30,000 people. The vaccine is 94.1% effective, which prompted Moderna to immediately seek authorization to distribute its product to US health authorities and the European Union.

The news, which arrived at the beginning of the afternoon, makes you jubilant The country. “The Covid pandemic has reached a tipping point where the good news is piling up”, the Madrid daily comes alive, which is delighted with the announcement of Moderna. This Monday, November 30, in fact, the American company published the results of its clinical trials which were carried out on 30,000 participants. Tests that seem to indicate that the vaccine is working well “Whose effectiveness exceeds 94% and even reaches 100% when it comes to protecting against severe cases of Covid-19”, details the Spanish media. These results therefore confirm the preliminary data of the tests which had already been released by Moderna on November 16. These reported an efficiency of 94.5% compared to 94.1 today.

This is what allows the company


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