Moge Shiraishi plays Eiko in the live-action Japanese drama version of “Party Cafe Kongming”, and the broadcast is confirmed in autumn | 4Gamers

2023-06-21 10:55:41

The live-action Japanese drama version of the funny manga “Party Cafe Kongming” written by Yubuya Yotsuba and drawn by Ryo Ogawa will be released this fall. It is confirmed that the heroine Eiko will be played by Moge Kamishiraishi.

The story describes that Kong Ming in the Three Kingdoms period traveled to Shibuya in modern Japan in his youthful appearance. It happened to be Halloween at that time. Kong Ming was taken to a nightclub for a carnival by accident. See Yingzi. Kong Ming was very moved after hearing her singing, so he volunteered to be her military adviser!

The original “Party Cafe Kong Ming” has been serialized in Comic DAYS since the end of December 2019, and will be serialized in the weekly Young Magazine on November 22, 2021. The animation version will be aired in April 2022. It will be produced by PAWORKS and produced by Avex Music. The main voice actors include Taro Oki, Kaede Hondo, and Shoya Chiba.

The Japanese drama version is planned by Yuka Takagi of “It’s Difficult to Marry a Ninja”, and “Reprinted! “Produced by Kasumi Yao, “Secret Insider ~The Counterattack of the Policewoman~” is not written by Zhai at all, “Samurai Assistant Aisaka-kun! “Shibe Shuhei acted as the performer. The actor Kong Ming is played by Mukai Ri.

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