Mona Zaki or Ghada Adel.. Who is more appropriate to embody Shweikar’s character?

2023-08-21 14:58:37

Menna Allah Al-Jawaherji revealed the daughter of the late artist ShwikarAbout her agreement to embody her mother’s biography in a dramatic work, and she said that she does not mind discussing the late artist’s personal life because there is nothing to be ashamed of, and indicated that she nominated the two stars Mona Zaki and Ghada Adel to embody Shweikar’s character because they are the most appropriate among the contemporary stars.

Menna Allah Al-Jawaherji spoke, during a telephone conversation with the media, Suhair Judeh, on the “Al-Sattat” program, about the state of celebration that spread on social media a few days ago, on the anniversary of the death of her mother, who passed away from our world on August 14, 2020, and said that this celebration is an appreciation for the late artist. Shweikar, and she said: Loving people and people talking about them is something that honors me and raises my head even in front of my children and grandchildren. I feel that there is value in our lives.

Shweikar’s daughter added: When I was asked the question of who is the most appropriate person to present Shweikar’s character on the screen, the actress Mona Zaki or Ghada Adel said, and the work that is presented must be written well and respectfully.

Shweikar’s daughter confirmed that she had nothing to prevent from participating in the human aspect of the late Shweikar, by presenting her own artwork. Shweikar did not have anything we wanted to say, everything is normal, she was very natural.
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Shweikar’s daughter: There is nothing in my mother’s life that I am ashamed of

And she continued, “If there is a work of art that embodies Shweikar’s life, I will ask to see the script before filming, and if there is something real, I will leave it in the script, because there is nothing to be ashamed of.” Noting that she still keeps all the mother’s belongings and has no objection to holding an exhibition in order to display these holdings.

She said that Shweikar loved television, and she was “dying in the cinema” and loved cinema very much, and she used to take her to the cinema to watch a new movie, whether Egyptian or foreign, “Shweikar was terrible in the kitchen, she cooked very sweet.”

She indicated, “We used to celebrate Shweikar’s birthday by going out with each other, and hanging out with each other,” noting that Shweikar advised her before her wedding to take care of her health and take care of her children and husband.

She explained that Shweikar and Fouad Al-Muhandis were friends after the separation and until his death, following up: “He spoke to her two days before he died and told her to make me a stuffed pigeon, and after that he died, and no one felt that Fouad Al-Muhandis and Shweikar were separated, except that everyone lives in another house.”

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