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The Moncler x Salehe Bembury joint series originates from the common inheritance of the outdoor spirit of the two brands, adding a humanistic concept to luxury clothing. This series is determined to explore color matching, silhouette and function, embellished with designer Salehe Bembury’s iconic thumbprint, renewing the definition of outdoor series items.

“This collaboration is aAbout how to make luxury goods more humanizedrighttalk.I expect harmony and balancegoodMonclerofEssence and outdoor heritage, through this series to show the rare spiritual resonance between the two. “——Salehe Bembury

Moncler Genius is committed to shaping a co-creation platform for a diverse creative world, and now through innovation it has led to the wonderful collaboration of Moncler x Salehe Bembury. The joint name extends the traditional cooperation model to undiscovered creative areas, kicking off the release of sneaker designer Salehe Bembury’s first ready-to-wear series and shoe accessories.

This series is called “Moncler ēquipements”, inspired by the Moncler mountaineering series clothing in the late 1950s. It not only echoes the brand’s original design principles, but also interprets it through Salehe Bembury’s unique creative language. As an avid hiking enthusiast, Salehe Bembury ingeniously uses the essence of Moncler to conceive functional and practical field uniforms. Inspired by nature, the color palette of the co-branded series is inspired by both parties’ sincere passion for the endless wilderness, covering blazing orange, sunset coral, moss green, and soft brown that seems to be taken from a refreshing trail.

“Moncler ēquipements is an exploration of colour, shape and function. I have spent a lot of time in the wild, which has given me a deep appreciation for nature and its elements.”——Salehe Bembury

In this cooperation, Salehe Bembury set foot in the field of outdoor equipment for the first time, trying to open up the frontier with functional items, and sincerely invites diverse communities to explore the freedom of nature. His creations are authentic and pure, and at the same time combined with the addition of Moncler’s technical expertise. Collarless down jackets feature handy pockets, GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ parkas and teddy fleece sweatshirts complement leggings, and beanies and beanies complete the look. The Moncler x Salehe Bembury joint series is loyal to the co-creation principles of Moncler Genius, integrating Salehe Bembury’s iconic thumbprint and Moncler’s classic quilting, which are used in a variety of padded jackets, vests and lightweight layering items. Striking through an informative double perspective.

At the same time, this series also launched new shoes with distinctive themes. Moncler’s iconic Trailgrip series sports shoes have been reshaped and become a new generation of equipment for outdoor adventurers and hiking enthusiasts. The Trailgrip Grain shoe by Salehe Bembury is embellished with thumbprint quilting and resonates in a natural palette of green, orange and soft taupe.

Shot by Hala Matar, the campaign for Moncler ēquipements, shot by Lauren Kim, captures travelers wearing the collection’s clothing as they hike through California-inspired forest trails. At this moment, wind, rain and sunshine turn into musical notes, intertwined with the light sound of feet stepping on the grass, the sound of zipper opening and closing, and the sound of raindrops falling on the fabric. In the unique interpretation of the Moncler x Salehe Bembury joint series, the crowd, style and music and the outdoors create a utopian harmonic resonance, making the connection more inseparable.

The Moncler x Salehe Bembury joint series will be launched on July 14 at Moncler’s designated stores, Moncler’s official WeChat Mini Program and Moncler’s China official website

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