Monday poetry: today, “to establish a manly bond”

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Second collection of poetry by Alexis Bernaut, A mirror in the heart of the blaze is on the same level in today’s world. The author celebrates the yellow vests, conspires the police state, protests against the “Steep barbed ugly bindweed” which we make ramparts against “All those who are estimated to be quite numerous already”.

Passing from one poetic form to another, he also wonders about his journey: “Since I think I am a poet / words are like certain spirits that hurt a lot / before even getting drunk / And I can no longer read like before like a kid / flashlight under the sheets / like the cat the horse ears innocent pointed […]» Cries of revolt, traces of childhood, snapshots of daily life, texts of friendship written for the American poet Sam Hamill or the detained poet Khaled Miloudi (whom Release met recently) feed this collection which makes all the fire.

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Sometimes we decipher biographical allusions slipped between two lines: the years he spent in the national navy until 2009 or his family origins, an American father of Soviet origin, a spy grandfather, and a mother born in the country of Gilles de Rais.

Porte-de-Clignancourt, line 4, terminus
The driver, friendly, to his replacement:

There it shakes guys will have to go accelerate
not hesitate to accelerate eh

Which means almost nothing
hardly a bridge
hurried from one language to another
bridge of dry tongue and stunted words

to establish a manly link
fellow and muscular speech protein

hoping maybe by spiking the words
we will change the taste of everyday life

And we’re all there, from our palaces
to the broken heart of a brother, how much

sense renouncements since childhood
articulating fresh and chosen words
express for our mother
she answered us
But are you going to shut up?

Frédérique Fanchette

Alexis Bernaut, A mirror in the heart of the blaze, ed. Le Temps des cerises, le Merle moking collection, 144 pages, € 15.



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