Monica Fantini, the ear of the world

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On the radio, there are several jobs. There are the questioners. And then there are the big ears, powerful collectors of sounds. Imagine that on the 6th floor of RFI, perched in a laboratory corner of our large information center, there is Monica Fantini who, every week, writes you sound cards of 2 minutes 30, 3 minutes … JANUARY 2020

It is called Listen to the world : a mosaic of sounds. Listening to the Dakar carriages, the Bobodioulasso market, a crunching ice cream parlor in Patagonia, voices praying in a pagoda in Vietnam … Learning to listen to the world, cultures from here and elsewhere: this is the job of Monica Fantini. Sound artist and lover of crossroads, the one who launches a project around Dream towns at the BNF makes us the friendship of cuddling what she has very in G Major: her beautiful Italian accent.

Monica Fantini’s musical choices

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