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“Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak” (Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak) is officially revised and launched today (30th). Hunters who reach level 50 and pass the challenge of Fenglei Shenlong can go to the kingdom’s stronghold El Cardo to perform MR-level tasks, but In the early days of the mission, the new Ally mission created a buzz in the player community.

In the emergency mission plot of “Dawn”, after defeating the daimyo crab in the ruins of the Taisha, the player will meet the kingdom knight Fiorini, and then go to the new stronghold El Cardo to start the MR★1 mission, just in the last emergency of★1 During the quest, the hunter will conduct an ally quest for the first time, hunting “Hittengu beasts” with Fiorini, and most players realize that these NPCs are not vegetarians.

In the ally mission, NPCs not only have fast-judging AI, they will not only assist in attacks, but also actively cast traps and even control dragons. The biggest advantage of NPCs is that they will not die, and will only be stunned in place when their stamina is exhausted. .


What really surprises the player is the equipment performance of the NPC itself. By checking the information of allies, you will find that Fiorini’s own skills are “too complete”, attack 5, challenger 5, power release 5, defense performance 5, mind 3, focus 3, strengthen continuous 3, attack and defense 3. ..

Regardless of whether all these skills are suitable for a one-handed sword, for a hunter who has just entered the MR level from the HR stage, Fiorini’s equipment performance is too exaggerated.



In fact, when the player enters the MR★2 stage, the ally quest will officially start, and the equipment attributes of another NPC, Rukika, are not much different.

Rukika, who is a heavy crossbow, also has skills that players can hardly achieve. It also makes players laugh at the “fire” honored by Shenhuo Village in the game. Just fire.




Of course, with the opening of the MR class, players will get new exchange skills and new decorations. I believe that there will still be a time to surpass Kingdom Knights in the future, but at this stage, hunters should still hunt hard.

The “Monster Hunter Rise” expansion pack “Monster Hunter Rise Daybreak” was launched on Nintendo Switch and Steam on June 30. The update capacity requires about 10.1 GB for Switch and about 22.0 GB for Steam.

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