“Monster Hunter Rising Dawn” releases the fourth large-scale update content, the ice dragon and the puppet defeat the sky dragon | 4Gamers

Capcom released the fourth update of “Monster Hunter Rise of Dawn” today (2nd).Tianhuilongthis update is expected to be released on February 7, 2023.

“Ice Dragon” is an ancient dragon that can freeze everything. It can freely control the cold air. It will create huge icicles and ice walls in the empty space by exhaling extremely low-temperature breath. Official records are extremely scarce, so its ecology remains a mystery.


The Sky Comet Dragon with the name of “Strange Conqueror”. It is because of overcoming the loss of control caused by the life-eating insects that they gained great strength, and creepy lines appeared on the surface of their bodies. It has extremely agile skills because of its huge dragon energy, and its dragon energy burst is extremely fierce, which will be a huge challenge for hunters.


In conjunction with this update, the puppet mission EX★8 is also added, the puppet exploration mission is open to LV220, the upper limit of weapon puppet chain formation is simultaneously opened, and the item lineup of the puppet research institute is added. Of course, there are also various event missions that give new appearances and other equipment items.

In addition to the original updates, some paid DLCs have also been added, such as this rather funny “Magic Hunting Ren Series” and “Bailong Yexing Series”. The source is the original small illustration on the official website, and now it has fully entered the game. middle.



In addition, the official also held a release event where you can get the “Additional Gark Appearance Equipment” in “Monster Hunter Rise of Dawn” first. You can directly replace the appearance of Galk with Ice Dragon.Go to the official website to participate in the event and apply

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