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Montaner made Stefi Roitman sign a prenuptial agreement to marry her son | Farandula 123

By William Guzmán P

The wedding of Ricky Montaner and Stefi Roitman continues to be the talk of international media. And now he makes sure that the groom’s father, who is none other than Ricardo Montaner, made him sign a prenuptial agreement to the Argentine model to be able to marry his son.

The journalist Love Penoñori, host of the program “Intruders”, Which transmits the Buenos Aires channel America TV, affirms that after the engagement was made official, after two years of courtship and the date of the marriage having been set, Montaner He called an “urgent meeting” to the couple and “behind closed doors” the agreement that establishes the division of the material goods obtained before the marriage was finalized.

“Stefi belongs to a wealthy, most influential Jewish family in Argentina and, therefore, his economic situation is comfortable, while Ricardo Montaner’s son enjoys the material privileges he has obtained with his artistic career and that of his own father, who has given you a life full of luxury. So the accounts must be clear, in case the marriage does not work out, ”the journalist reportedly said.

The marriage of the singer and the Argentine TV host, celebrated under a double religious ceremony (Christian and Jewish, due to the beliefs of the spouses), took place last Saturday, January 8 in the Doc Haras, in Exaltation of the Cross, an exclusive construction located in the north of Buenos Aires. The party was attended by more than 400 people who were tested for Covid-19 before entering the facilities.

Among those attending the link were Sebastián Yatra, Tini, Manuel Turizo, Guaynaa, Lele Pons, Emilia Mernes, Oriana Sabatini, Camilo and Evaluna Montaner, Katherine Fulop and her husband Oswaldo Sabatini, among other famous people.


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