‘Mor Yong’ warns ‘smallpox’ will spread to close people. If the infection crosses to the animal will be even more difficult to control

‘Mor Yong’ warns that ‘smallpox’ is mostly transmitted from homosexuals. if you can’t control will spread to close people make it difficult to control If the infection crosses to the animal will be even more difficult to control from animals to be able to cross to humans again

29 Jul. 2022- Prof. Dr. Yong Phuworawan, Rajabundit, Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University Post a message about smallpox, a disease that is difficult to control. Contents are as follows:

Since the epidemic outside Africa The distribution has increased and the number of patients has always been higher. There is no sign that it will decrease. Currently, there are more than 17,000 patients in more than 75 countries, but most of them are in Europe and America.
It is worth noting that Reporting patients to the World Health Organization will not say gender less than half of the gender reveals And in 98% more males than only 1% females, no deaths outside Africa. Only five of those who died were in Africa.

contacts outside Africa about sexual activity Most are of the same sex, and almost 40% have genital lesions.

The disease is therefore difficult to control. Because when compared to HIV in its early stages 40 years ago, the onset is the same. HIV shows no symptoms in its early stages. Before the symptoms show, there is a considerable spread of contact.

Smallpox is the same. Most symptoms are not so. when there are few symptoms It is difficult to control, especially some people may not have symptoms. Or blister only 2 tablets, but the advantage of smallpox over HIV is that patients with this disease are not chronic. Live for about 2-4 weeks, it’s completely cured. not a carrier of disease

In the future, if uncontrollable, the spread of the disease will not be in males only. will spread to close people and login sexually transmitted diseases make it difficult to control

The next concern is It was originally a contagious disease from animals to humans. Especially rodents such as rats (giant gambian rat) in Africa, but now it is human-to-human transmission. And further, if a person takes this infection and crosses it to an animal whether pets Or local animals such as rats, then the animal will be the carrier in the animal, it will be more difficult to control and the transmission from the animal will be able to cross to the human again. especially the rodents in the city It will cause a local disease. that are difficult to remove or control

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