More Lien A undersea fiber optic cable has problems in the new year

In recent days, many Internet users complain about the quality of service. Ms. Thanh Huyen in Dong Da, Hanoi has the habit of watching the livestream of a favorite pottery shop every day at 8pm. However, in the past 2-3 days, Huyen could not maintain this habit because the network was slow, the picture stopped, and she couldn’t hear the sound.

On technology forums, many users ask each other about the quality of 4G and Wi-Fi packages of carriers, because they can’t download or watch videos on social networks.

Find out about the above situation, reporter VietNamNet According to an Internet service provider (ISP) in Vietnam, from noon on January 28, the Intra Asia (IA, also known as Lien A) undersea cable had a problem. The cause was determined to be a cable break at a location about 130 km from the Singapore landing station of the cable line. The incident lost all international connection capacity from Vietnam to Singapore of the Lien A cable route.

Being put into operation since November 2009, Lien A is one of five undersea fiber optic cables that account for most of the Internet connection capacity from Vietnam to international destinations, along with four other routes including Asia Pacific Gateway (APG), Asia America Gateway (AAG), AAE-1 (Asia – Africa – Euro 1) and SMW3 (also known as SEA – ME – WE3).

With a total length of 6,800 km, the Pan-Asian sea cable connects Singapore, Vietnam, the Philippines, Hong Kong and Japan. Lien A is considered an important fiber optic route to transit traffic to the Americas and Europe for customers in Vietnam and the region.

The fact that at the same time, up to 4/5 of the undersea cable routes exploited by Vietnamese carriers are faulty, it is considered a rare situation. (Illustration: Internet)

With the Lien A cable having a problem, at present, up to 4/5 sea cable routes exploited by Vietnamese carriers are faulty.

Specifically, on December 26, 2022 and January 21, 2023, respectively, the APG cable route encountered problems on two segments S6 near Hong Kong (China) and S9 connecting to Singapore.

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