More than 150 ammunition of firearms in the house of the comedian Cacho Garay

2023-07-15 19:00:00

Within the framework of the judicial investigation involving the “Chub” Garaythe Justice carried out a raid In the town of Lujan de Cuyoin Mendoza. It was in the house where the renowned comedian lived with his ex-partner, Verónica Macías. During the procedure they found firearms ammunitionas confirmed by sources close to the case.

The surrogate prosecutor Virginia Heading, who is temporarily acting in place of Mónica Fernández Poblet during the judicial fair, ordered the search measure. The request arose from the Complaint filed by Verónica Macíasex-partner of “Cacho” Garay, who stated have found the ammunition of firearms in the shared home. Macías informed the police authorities and his lawyers about the discovery.

Augustine Magdaleneone of the lawyers working on the case, revealed to the media that during the search approximately 150 ammunition of calibers 9 mm, .38 and shotgun shells. The lawyer stressed that “it is striking that there are at least 150 ammunition for a 9mm. If you don’t have that weapon, you don’t keep that amount of ammunition.”

They ordered house arrest for Cacho Garay and expanded the accusation to “sexual abuse with carnal access”

Juan “Cacho” Garay is detained for a week in Module 1-A of the San Felipe Penitentiary Complex. This pavilion houses people detained for cases related to gender violence and crimes of a sexual nature. The measure was carried out after Judge Federico Martínez agreed to the request of the prosecutor Mónica Fernández Poblet to revoke the benefit of house arrest previously granted to the comedian.

The defense of Juan “Cacho” Garay, who seeks to have his house arresthas raised criticism because the search procedure was ordered during the judicial fair.

The humorist’s lawyer, Daniel Romero, assured: “We are surprised that items continue to appear“, suspecting that the products of the search could have been ‘planted’, stressing that four searches were previously made at that address. “They enabled us to continue working on the case as of this Friday, after having lost a week. We now have three days to file the appeal that we wanted to file for a long time“, he stressed.

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“There is an obvious mistake, Because if 4 previous raids have already been carried out in the house, how is it possible that evidence continues to appear? We have serious doubts, since things are emerging that worsen the situation of our client, who only acknowledges having had the 4 firearms, two of which were suitable for shooting, that were on display in the house,” the lawyer concluded.

According to Romero, “we present a document expressing our surprise at the fact that the file has been enabled for the sole purpose of carrying out this domiciliary search. This diligence is a clear violation of the right of defense“.


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