More than 3 million companies were opened in Brazil in 2022

2023-06-06 14:25:52

Brazil recorded the opening of 3,838,063 new companies and the closing of 1,695,763 in 2022, according to the Business Map Bulletin. These data represent, in terms of starting companies, a retraction of 4.8% over 2021, but an increase of 14.1% compared to 2020. The year ended, therefore, with a positive balance of 2,142,300 new companies opened during the year. period, with 20,191,290 active companies at the end of last year.

The economic activities most explored by companies opened in 2022 were retail trade of clothing and accessories (195,169 new companies) and sales promotion (184,527 companies opened). The Business Map is prepared by the Ministry of Development, Industry, Commerce and Services (MDIC) in partnership with the Federal Data Processing Service (Serpro).

Opening a company in Brazil is a process that requires time and attention from the entrepreneur. But there are modernizations in progress. “In Brazil, opening and managing a company still faces some challenges, but there have been significant advances in recent years”, says Allan Jorge Mendonça, co-founder of CRBdoc, a platform for requesting, managing and analyzing documents and research, stressing that, With the implementation of the National System for the Registration of Mercantile Companies (SINREM), “the process of opening a company has become faster and more integrated”.

The management of a company in Brazil is multifaceted, involving compliance with various tax, labor and accounting obligations that require attention and knowledge on the part of entrepreneurs. It is not uncommon, therefore, for entrepreneurs to find bureaucracies along the way.

“Among the main bureaucracies, we can mention: the complexity of the tax system, with a large amount of taxes and contributions that vary depending on the sector of activity and the size of the company”, details Mendonça.

In addition, the need to comply with various ancillary obligations, such as issuing invoices and delivering tax returns, and compliance with labor and social security regulations, which are quite detailed and can generate significant costs, tend to become barriers in the process. of opening.

expert help

To face possible complications, having consultations or help from specialized professionals can be a way out for those who want to undertake. “The simplification and digitization of processes is fundamental. This involves the adoption of technologies that facilitate the management of the company and the hiring of specialized professionals, who can guide entrepreneurs in relation to their obligations”, believes Mendonça.

In addition, the government also plays an important role in reducing bureaucracy, through the review and simplification of existing rules, points out the executive. “Brazil has great potential for entrepreneurship. Even with the difficulties, opening and managing a company in Brazil can be the right decision for someone who has a good business idea and is willing to face the existing challenges”, he concludes.

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