More than 5,000 police officers demonstrated in Brussels to demand better working conditions, nothing concrete came out of the meeting with the federal authorities

For the unions, the observation is simple, there are too many classifications without follow-up and zero tolerance is not applied enough.

A finding that is nuanced by the legal world, with the circular from the public prosecutors, which dates from November 2020. It provides that, when a police officer finds himself incapacitated for work, following intentional assault and battery, the prosecution services must always initiate lawsuits; and the file cannot be closed without further action.

But for the police unions, justice must go much further. What we want, if we talk about zero tolerance, argues Vincent Gilles, of the SLPF, it is very real, that is to say that the magistrates who finally decide day after day that their reading of what violence is done to the police, these are not simply offences.

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