More than 800 beneficiaries in the Béni Mellal-Khénifra region

The regional town planning caravan “UrbaVan” benefited more than 800 people in the Beni Mellal-Khénifra region at the end of its journey which had taken it to 49 rural communes in the five provinces of the region.

Launched at the start of the week from the rural town of Aguelmous in the province of Khenifra where it had made 11 stops, this local caravan dedicated to the rural world visited 21 local authorities in the province of Azilal and in three rural communes in the province of Béni Mellal.

The caravan also went to meet the inhabitants of 14 rural communes in the provinces of Fkih Ben Salah and Khouribga in order to learn about their concerns regarding the skills of urban agencies and to provide them with explanations and advice on their planning expectations.

The municipality of Braska in the province of Khouribga was this Sunday the last stage of this regional town planning caravan which, like the previous stages, was very busy with the inhabitants of this locality.

During this one-week trip, the executives and managers of the urban agencies of Beni Mellal and Khenifra provided explanations and advice to citizens concerning the construction procedure and land conservation in rural areas.

In a statement to MAP, the director of the Beni Mellal urban agency, Mustapha Bouichichan, indicated that this local caravan was intended to offer advisory services to inhabitants of rural areas and to raise their awareness of the procedure and construction standards as well as the facilities offered in the context of technical support.

Mr. Bouichichan also underlined in this regard his desire to support the development of rural areas through the implementation of the national program for the integrated development of emerging rural centers and the architectural and technical assistance program in rural areas, while taking takes into account the needs of the inhabitants and the specificities of rural areas with regard to planning and spatial management.

Organized under the sign “Urban agencies at the service of the rural world”, this caravan is part of the strengthening of the approach of proximity and communication that urban agencies carry out with the inhabitants of the rural world.

It is also part of the efforts made by the Ministry of National Territorial Development, Urban Planning, Housing and Urban Policy aimed at supervising and organizing urban planning in rural areas. .

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