Moroccan banks need 64.8 billion dirhams of liquidity

noon press

Bank Al-Maghrib stated that banks’ liquidity needs rose to 64.8 billion dirhams, on a weekly average, during the month of December, compared to 71.5 billion dirhams a month earlier, which mainly reflects the increase in foreign exchange reserves.

In its monthly bulletin on the economic, monetary and financial situation for the month of January 2022, Bank Al-Maghrib indicated that it pumped a total of 82.8 billion dirhams, including 36.5 billion dirhams in the form of advances for seven days, and 22.7 billion dirhams in the form of repurchases. 23.5 billion dirhams in the form of secured loans, and 60 million dirhams in exchange transactions.
The same source added that with regard to the interbank interest rate, it stabilized at 1.5 percent, while the daily volume of exchanges in the banking market stabilized at 3.9 billion dirhams.
The Central Bank highlighted that in other markets, treasury bonds did not know significant changes in the month of December, whether at the level of the primary or secondary tiers.
With regard to interest rates on term deposits, they, in turn, recorded a monthly increase last November by 2 basis points to 2.15 percent for a 6-month term, and by 30 points to 2.51 percent for a one-year term.

With regard to interest rates on loans, the results of the study conducted by Bank Al-Maghrib with banks in the third quarter of 2021 indicate that it stabilized at approximately 4.35 percent.
According to the institutional sector, the interest rate on loans granted to private individuals remained almost stable at 5.20 percent, covering a 66-point growth in interest rates applied to receivable accounts and treasury loans, and a 13-point decrease in those related to consumer loans and stability in interest rates applied to loans Living.
On the other hand, the interest rate on loans granted to contracting companies increased by 13 basis points, which reflects increases by 12 points for large contracting loans, and by 15 points for very small, small and medium businesses.


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