Moroccan coal imports explode

Commercial traffic in the port of Safi reached at the end of August, an increase of 31.6% compared to the same period of the year 2019, corresponding to a volume of nearly 5.7 million tonnes, indicates a report from the National Ports Agency (ANP). This increase is attributable in particular to the strong rebound in imports of coal (+ 391.8%), cereals (+ 109%), exports of phosphates (+ 75%) and gypsum (+ 19.5%), to specify the ANP. The distribution of traffic by port shows that the ports of Mohammedia, Casablanca and Jorf Lasfar ensured the transit of 49 million tonnes, which represents approximately 78.3% of the traffic of the ports managed by the ANP.

Thus the port of Safi holds 9% of the overall traffic at the national level in front of the ports of Agadir (6.5%), Mohammedia (5%), Nador (3.6%) and Laayoune (1.8%), reads -on in the document. The ports of Jorf Lasfar lead the way with 41% of the overall volume passing through national ports, followed by the port of Casablanca with 32.3%.

In terms of imports of cereals, the same report notes an overall increase in imports of this commodity in all the ports: Jorf Lasfar (+ 48%), Casablanca (+ 38.1%), Agadir (+64.1 %) and Nador (+ 286%).

And the ANP to explain that a high concentration of this activity was observed at the port of Casablanca with 3.8 million tonnes, representing approximately 56.4% of the overall grain traffic, followed by Jorf Lasfar (22.6 %), Agadir (10.3%), Nador (5.9%) and Safi (4.8%).

Traffic passing through the ports managed by the ANP reached an overall volume of 62.6 million tonnes at the end of August 2020, thus marking an increase of 6.8% year-on-year.

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