Mortada Mansour announces that his son had a stroke

Mortada Mansour, president of the Zamalek club, announced that his son Ahmed had a foot clot that will prompt him for treatment abroad.

Mortada Mansour indicated, during his speech at a press conference held today, Wednesday at the headquarters of Zamalek, that his son had suffered a stroke because of the effort he was making.

The president of the Zamalek club explained that his son will finish his sessions with the advisory office that implements the designs of the club’s stadium in the city of October 6, and then he will leave for Germany; to undergo surgery.

Mortada Mansour said at the conference that the 6th of October branch will not be just a club, but a complete sports city that includes everything sports, medical and social.

The president of Zamalek added: “The dream of the stadium is at the door, and it comes as a continuation of the construction revolution after the Zamalek channel, which achieved the highest views.

And he continued: “The October branch will be on a global level and we will not deceive the members. We will make a world stadium in the style of London stadiums, and it will be at our expense and we will not rent a stadium, and we have done all the licenses for the October 6 branch related to electricity, water, sanitation, soil analyzes and others, and their number reached 16. license”.

And he added: “The brothers who demanded that my name be called Zamalek Stadium, I tell them sorry, the stadium will be in the name of Zamalek Club Stadium, and it will accommodate 45,000 fans.”

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