Mosque outbreak: as-Sunnah also stops | Inland

In a statement, the administration of as-Sunnah has been startled by the infections in recent days. “We have heard through various channels that, despite some observing the RIVM measures, dozens of visitors to various mosques have become infected with the corona virus. There is even a regrettable death, “the mosque board reports in a statement on Sunday.

On Saturday, Omroep West reported that at least 21 members of the faith community around the Faizul mosque have been infected with the corona virus. According to the regional broadcaster, a prominent member of 77 years died.

Also not online

The As-Sunnah mosque has therefore decided to immediately stop the online activities. “This means that online prayers, the online Friday sermon and the online lectures will not take place in our mosque until further notice. We do this to protect our imams, prayer caller and our media team and to prevent potential spread. ”

The board of Faizul-Islam decided to close the mosque on May 22 due to a visitor who tested positive for Covid-19. “The board immediately closed the mosque after reporting and canceled all prayers and activities for the next two weeks. The mosque has been cleaned and disinfected, now the mosque is not accessible to anyone. ”

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