Most notably the iPhone SE.. Apple unveils a range of new products

date of publication:
March 08, 2022 18:14 GMT

Update date: March 08, 2022 19:15 GMT

The American company, Apple, during its first annual event in 2022, Peek Performance, revealed its new phone from the economic iPhone models, “iPhone SE”, which the company describes as the smallest iPhone phone with maximum capabilities.

The new phone features an “A15 Bionic” processor, and although it is of the middle class, the processor included in the latest “iPhone 13” series gives the new phone enormous capabilities, such as 5G connectivity and the TouchID personal identification system.

Speaking at the virtual conference, which was shown online, the company’s CEO Tim Cook said the phone would be suitable for those who want a cheap, high-performance iPhone or those who want to try iPhone phones for the first time.

Cook added: “From the beginning, we designed the new iPhone SE to feature some of our most advanced technologies at an affordable price for those looking to own the device.”

And he added, “Last fall, we added more users to the iPhone 13 lineup than all of our previous releases, and the SE was designed to attract people.”

In her introduction to the new phone, Francesca Sweet, the company’s official, said, “Apple has focused a lot in this phone on upgrading the chip here, and the overall design, the home button, etc., are all very familiar.”

She explained that the phone, which comes with a 4.7-inch screen with a resolution of 720 pixels, also includes a 12-megapixel camera with Deep Fusion technology.

Sweet confirmed that the phone is environmentally friendly, made of recycled materials, and features a powerful camera, effective performance, and technical features that are no less than the higher-priced phones.

The company provided the new phone with the strongest glass in a smartphone from the front and back, the same glass found in the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro, with IP67 water and dust resistance.

The company confirmed that this year’s version of the small medium phone will come with a battery and a higher charging capacity than its predecessor, but it did not mention any numbers related to the battery or charging.

According to the company, pre-orders for the phone, which will be sold for $ 429, and will come in multiple colors, will start on Friday, March 18.

Apple also unveiled two iPhones from the “iPhone 13” series, which were launched at the end of last year, the regular iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 Pro, in two new colors, green and alpine green.

At the beginning of the conference, Tim Cook spoke about the (Apple TV+) service, which now contains a lot of original content.

iPad Air with rocket processor

The Apple conference also witnessed the unveiling of two distinguished computers from the company, one of which is the iPad Air tablet, and the other is the famous laptop

iPad Air comes with the powerful M1 processor chip, which delivers performance up to 60% faster than the A14, and a graphics card that is twice as fast, the same as the iPad Pro chip.

The company confirmed that the iPad Air is faster than the fastest competing tablet, and twice as fast as Windows laptops in its price range.

The Apple tablet comes with a Liquid Retina display with HDR resolution and 500 nits of brightness, without ProMotion, and it also includes a 12-megapixel ultra-wide camera with a Center Stage feature that keeps the owner of the picture in the frame, and it supports 5G connectivity.

The newer device’s USB-C port remains unchanged and not Thunderbolt, but Apple claims it’s “twice as fast,” while the device still supports FaceID as well.

The Air tablet continues to offer compatibility with the Magic Keyboard, Smart Keyboard and second generation Apple Pencil.

Apple will launch the device in several colors, purple, pink, blue, space gray, and Starlight, with 64 and 256 GB storage spaces, and pre-order will be available from Friday, March 18, at a starting price of $ 599 for the 64 GB version.

The new Mac with amazing performance

During the conference, Apple also revealed the latest version of its Mac desktop computer, which comes with an upgraded M1 Ultra chip that will provide amazing levels of performance, according to the company’s description.

Apple says that this processor is the latest version of Apple and the most powerful M1 chipset and has more power than the M1, M1 Pro and M1 Max chips.

The new device supports 128GB unified memory and 20 CPU cores, and uses 65% less power than a 16-core desktop device.

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