Mother reveals the problem with Kalina Oktarani that has been hidden for so long


This is behind the story of the divorce drama Kalina Oktarani with Vicky Prasetyo. It turns out that Kalina’s mother, Een Wardhana, keeps a secret that has been kept hidden for so long.

Een calls Kalina Oktarani a bad child. He who is now sick feels that his daughter has never taken care of him.

Kalina Oktarani herself some time ago admitted that she had run away from Vicky Prasetyo’s house to take care of her mother. The words of the mother of one child are called fake.

“That’s why when he said he was looking for money, making a living for mom, it was a big mistake. People don’t believe that a Kalina can’t take care of me, people don’t believe it, my recitation friend wants to take care of me, I’m afraid that Kalina will be offended. If she’s poor, it’s normal, but she can afford it. he is looking for money for himself,” said Een Wardhana.

Een wondered how busy Kalina Oktarani was that there was no time to take care of her sick self. He also revealed that Vicky Prasetyo was a man full of responsibility.

“Maybe Rani is too busy with her business so she doesn’t have time with me. Vicky’s heart was called to take care of me, all (treatment) Vicky paid for. That was from Vicky, not Kalina at all,” he said.

Een Wardhana evaluates his advice now also just considered a breeze by Kalina Oktarani. Because, he thinks his son is difficult to tell.

“Kalina is no longer good at being advised. Kalina is already in God’s capacity. Only certain people can conquer her heart. Indonesia doesn’t play games, where there is a bad child with his own biological mother, others are sympathetic to me. He said his mother had a bad heart, just this time someone said my heart was bad, even though it was my own child,” said Een.

Even so, Een Wardhana did not stop praying that Kalina Oktarani could become a good person. He was forced to reveal Kalina’s lies for one reason or another.

“I have high hopes that Rani will change in the hands of Vicky. I’m not saying that Rani is not good, just try to be a good Muslimah. She is not young anymore. She is 42 years old,” said Een.


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