Mother’s plea for help to fund daughter’s top university education sparks controversy and criticism

2023-12-05 09:16:15

Zheng Manwen cried and asked for help. (Picture/Weibo)

A woman from Hunan, mainland China, cried and asked for help recently. She said that she had spent 1.1 million yuan (approximately NT$4.85 million) on her daughter’s study abroad over the years. Now her daughter has been admitted to one of the top 20 schools in the world, but as a single parent As a mother, even if she lives frugally, she cannot afford the annual tuition of RMB 500,000 (approximately NT$2.2 million). She hopes that kind-hearted people can donate money to help her daughter attend a prestigious school in the United States. As soon as the news came out, it attracted ridicule from the crowd, and no one donated money at all.

According to NetEase, Zheng Manwen, a mother from Loudi, Hunan, said that she and her first husband gave birth to a daughter named “Xiaojie”, but after they had a child, the burden of life gradually overwhelmed them, and they ended up getting divorced. . After returning to her single life, she later met her second husband “Xiao Qian”. Xiao Qian was very different from her ex-husband. He was considerate and wealthy. He had been doing business on the Sino-Vietnamese border all year round and was worth a lot. He also remarried Xiao Qian. After that, Zheng Manwen lived a carefree life as a rich wife.

But in order to maintain such a wealthy life, Zheng Manwen was afraid that she would accidentally return to the hard days before, so she chose to leave her daughter to her parents. When Xiaojie reached the age of high school, Zheng Manwen always felt that she was indebted. child, so he chose to take her to live with him.

Later, Xiaojie brought up the idea of ​​studying abroad. Zheng Manwen felt guilty about her child, so she fully supported her daughter. At this time, her husband had no objection. However, when the schools were found, her husband suddenly changed his mind, “All foreign schools are It’s a waste of money, there’s no need for your child to go to such an expensive school, I won’t pay for it!”

The couple completely fell out because of this incident, and they divorced not long after. After the divorce, Zheng Manwen was given RMB 500,000 (approximately NT$2.2 million) in cash, as well as two houses in the city and a brand-name car. Car, but it is a pity that Zheng Manwen has spent almost all the family property in recent years to pay for her daughter’s tuition and living expenses while studying abroad.

Now her daughter is admitted to the Department of Chemistry at the University of California, San Diego, which is one of the top 20 schools in the world. However, as a single mother, she cannot afford four years of college tuition even if she lives frugally. She has no choice but to I asked my ex-husband for help, but my first husband only raised 160,000 yuan (approximately NT$700,000), which was far from enough.

So Zheng Manwen contacted the TV station, begged the public to donate, and left her bank card number. However, this move caused ridicule, and no one donated at all. Netizens angrily criticized her for being so shameless, and some people laughed and said, “I think Let’s get a Rolls-Royce instead. Does anyone want to donate?”

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