Moto2: Aldeguer’s Lone Race and Attacking the Podium- Latest Updates and Full Coverage

2023-11-12 04:45:17

Moto2: Is the attack coming?

Now it’s Ogura’s turn. But there is no attack yet. It would be bitter for Ramirez, who was on course for a podium for so long. The last round begins.

6:49 a.m

Moto2: It’s going to be tight

Ogura continues to close the gap and takes Ramirez tenth by tenth. He receives a dashboard message informing him how fast he has to drive. Can he last through the last three rounds? Its getting close.

Meanwhile, mass is being said in the front. Aldeguer is 7.3 seconds ahead of Acosta. He is again three and a half seconds ahead of Ramirez.

6:46 a.m

Moto2: Ramirez in danger?

Ogura has left Lopez behind and is trying to close the gap on Ramirez. Does the Japanese still have a chance on the podium? With laps to go his gap has shrunk to 1.1 seconds.

6:43 a.m

Moto2: Tight chasing group

There are still seven laps to go. Aldeguer’s lead is now over six seconds. He is driving a lonely race – as are Acosta and Ramirez behind him.

The fight for fourth place is tight: Lopez and Ogura are dueling here and Dixon is not far away either.

6:36 a.m

Moto2: Arbolino fights

After his mistake, Arbolino moved back into the points, but it was of no use. If Acosta doesn’t make a major mistake or fall, the title will no longer be taken away from him.

6:33 a.m

Moto2: In a league of its own

Only six laps have been completed and Aldeguer is four seconds ahead. The distances behind them have also increased, although the positions have not changed. Acosta, Ramirez, Lopez and Ogura round out the current top five. Dixon is sixth.

6:31 a.m

Moto2: Sturzserie

Curve 9 is becoming a real accident hot spot. Now Garcia and Nozane also fell here. The next crash follows just moments later. This time it’s Canet. He was caught in turn 2.

6:27 a.m

Moto2: More incidents

Just one lap later, Vietti, who was in fourth place, also crashed in turn 9. Shortly afterwards, Guevara also falls to the ground in the same place.

At the front, Aldeguer continues to expand his lead. Acosta holds second place and is one second ahead of Ramirez in third. Lopez has fought his way up to fourth place. Ogura is fifth. Canet is in 14th place after his long lap.

6:24 a.m

Moto2: Arbolino error

In turn 9, Arbolino misjudged an attack on Canet and touched Ogura’s rear wheel. Arbolino is able to prevent a fall, but he falls far behind.

6:22 a.m

Moto2: Gap opens

After just one lap, Aldeguer has a lead of one second. Acosta can’t keep up at the moment, but is still ahead of Ramirez. Vietti and Canet are fighting for fourth place, but the latter still has to go into the long lap. And Ogura and Arbolino are putting pressure on them from behind.

6:20 a.m

Moto2: The start

Gonzalez has the best start and takes the lead, but she is already gone in turn 2. After contact with Aldeguer, Gonzalez falls. Aldeguer takes the lead ahead of Acosta and Ramirez

6:17 a.m

Moto2: tire list

6:13 a.m

Moto2: starting grid

Next up are 17 rounds in Moto2. And the World Cup decision could already be made here. Pedro Acosta has to finish at least fourth to take the title – no matter where Tony Arbolino ends up in that case.

Only one position separates the two on the starting grid. Acosta starts the race from sixth place and Arbolino from seventh place. Fermin Aldeguer is on pole and shares row one with Celestino Vietti and Manuel Gonzalez. Row two belongs to Aron Canet, Marcos Ramirez and Acosta. However, Canet has to complete a long lap.

– to the complete Moto2 starting grid

06:00 am

Veijer: “Had to attack Sasaki”

Collin Veijer (Intact-Husqvarna; 1.): “I don’t even know what to say. At the moment I just feel great, but also very tired. It was a great race in which I tried to stay at the front the whole time. There was a point in time I simply had to attack my teammate, otherwise a whole group of drivers would have overtaken me.”

“It finally worked out for our team with a 1-2 win. I’m very happy about that. Many thanks to the team, to the crew chief, to the data engineers and last but not least to the mechanics and to Peter [Öttl]that they are always a help to me. Many thanks also to my family, friends and sponsors, just everyone.”


Sasaki: “I didn’t expect that”

Ayumu Sasaki (Intact-Husqvarna; 2nd): “I think I drove a strong race. I was the one who controlled the pace while managing the tires. I knew that Masia and my teammate were behind me.”

“On the last lap I looked at the big monitor before turn 8 and saw that my teammate was second. I didn’t expect him to overtake me in turn 9. That’s why I didn’t brake on the last groove of this turn. With second place, I still reduced the gap in the World Championship. We still have two races ahead of us. I’ll give my maximum there.”


Masia was taciturn after third place

Jaume Masia (Leopard-Honda; 3.): “Well, that was a really difficult race in which I felt pretty alone in the group (with the Husqvarnas, editor’s note). I would just like to thank my team.”

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