Mount Everest is exactly 8,848.86 meters high

Dhe Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world, is exactly 8,848.86 meters, according to measurements by Chinese and Nepalese scientists. The Foreign Ministers of China and Nepal, Wang Yi and Pradeep Kumar Gyawali, announced the new official height of the mountain on a video link this Tuesday.

While a Nepalese group of surveyors climbed the summit from the south in 2019, a Chinese expedition with the same goal was on the Tibetan north side of the mountain in spring 2020. The Chinese built a 5G mobile network specifically for this purpose. They are said to have worked on the summit for two and a half hours to redefine the height. Because this expedition was the only one on Mount Everest in the spring, the surveyors were not disturbed by mountaineers in their work. On the occasion of the visit of Chinese President Xi Jinpng to Kathmandu in autumn 2019, Nepal and China agreed to publish the results of their measurements together. Both states saw this as a “sign of eternal friendship”.

At the summit: a member of the Chinese team in May

Bild: AP

After the violent earthquake in April 2015, which reached a magnitude of 7.8 on the Richter scale and also caused great damage in the Everest region, it was assumed that the height of Mount Everest could have changed due to the shifting of the tectonic plates. The previously officially stated height of 8848 meters comes from the year 1954 by the Office for Cartography of India. It is the mean value of data from a total of twelve measuring stations. In the mid-1970s, a Chinese expedition confirmed the value, it came to 8,848.13 meters. The survey tripod on the summit of Mount Everest originates from this expedition and has provided evidence of the summit success for many subsequent climbers.

In September 1992 a Sino-Italian expedition determined the altitude with the help of theodolites, lasers and GPS and gave a value of 8848.82 meters. This value was confirmed by a measurement with radar reflectors in 2004. In contrast, a measurement with GPS receivers in May 1999 showed 8,850 meters, and a Chinese expedition in 2005 came to 8,844.43 meters.


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