Moving Giant Rabbit Sculptures: A Delicate Operation in Progress at rue Royale

2023-07-27 15:38:00

Despite the weather not to put a rabbit outside, the two giant yellow leporidae posed at the end of rue Royale on June 15, were moved a few tens of meters in the park with a view of the station, this Thursday…

Here, our two big rabbits will rest in a very green lawn, when the grass will have grown of course. Because, this Thursday, it is rather in a field of mud that they were installed, which explains why the operation was still in progress at the end of the afternoon.

Knowing that these rabbits (in polyester) have a height of 3.5 m (for the highest of the two) for a length of about 4 meters and a weight of 800 kg, we understand that moving them on slippery ground was intended as a very delicate operation.

As a reminder, this work, signed by the Brussels artist-designer Christophe Lorenz, is part of the Interreg France-Wallonia-Vaanderen project “Designe in town” whose objective is to improve the attractiveness of cities.

Their color is furiously reminiscent of a star whose rays would have been particularly welcome on this gray day.

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