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[Now Sports]St. Giles striker Bonnifis overcame the blow that almost made him retire, and strives to show the power of “Mr. Europe” again. The next stop is Thursday’s Europa League last 16 round against Union Berlin at home.

Victor Boniface is only 22 years old, but he has suffered two serious injuries in his career and has been rested for more than a year and a half. The second serious injury also made him lose the opportunity to join the Belgian Banba Club Brugge. Coupled with the death of his mother, he almost gave up football under the triple blow.

“I gave up,” Bonneface recalled. “I lost interest in football, I forgot about eating healthy, I started eating everything, I started living a normal life, I just wanted to be happy, I started nighting out and drinking. Drinking, but I started drinking because I was so depressed.”

Fortunately, Bonnifis rebounded from the bottom of the valley. Last season, he made a name for himself in Bodkiering, Norway. He scored 5 goals in 4 games outside the Europa League and was dubbed “Mr. Europe”. St. Gilles, who switched to Belgium this season, also maintained his scoring rate. He scored 5 goals in the Europa League and tied with Manchester United’s Huashufu for the top scorer list.

Europa League round of 16 scored twice against Union Berlin in the first leg, making Bonnifis the player of the week, and Nigerian sports reporter Eddie Heye believes that he can be selected for the national team: “There are not many people in the country I know Bonneface, and there are famous players like Oswin and Drogus in the team, but I have told the coach that he is a strong selection.”

Oswin also played in the League before he shined in Naples this season, or Bonnifis can replicate his success.

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