Mud Chaos at Burning Man: TV Star Sonya Kraus and Thousands of Fans Stuck in Nevada Desert

2023-09-04 10:18:18

Your heart sinks in the mud chaos! Tens of thousands of fans are stuck in the mud in the Nevada desert in America at the legendary Burning Man festival. ONE of them: TV star Sonya Kraus (50).

She drove with her two friends, the artist Landon Ross (40) and Hollywood star Julian Morris (40, “Pretty Little Liars”) with the caravan to the desert near Reno on August 27th.

In fact, she always describes this trip as her own personal rehab. Here she recharges her batteries, not only after surviving cancer treatment.

Last year there was still sun: Sonya Kraus at “Burning Man”, her heart place

Photo: Private

The tent city on the site called “Black Rock City” is what Sonya calls her US home. But this year everything became a challenge.

BILD reaches Sonya Kraus on the phone in the middle of the current chaos. She tells of the conditions on site: “The vast area on which ‘Black Rock City’ is built consists of a dry salt lake and is covered with a thick layer of alkaline dust. It rained the most during Burning Man and not in the region for decades.”

And further: “It’s like wading through freshly mixed cement. Everything just gets stuck. I have no idea when I can go home!”

Six kilometers on foot

The shoes are muddy, but the mood is good: the TV lady remains optimistic despite the chaos of the weather

Photo: private

The moderator also sent a current photo on the night from Sunday to Monday (German time) – with a thick layer of mud on the shoes. And an update: she set out on foot to get out!

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And says, “I just waded four miles through the mud! I’m now waiting for a free-burner bus to civilization! But the mood remains good!” The buses are supposed to cart people away from the event location. It is not yet known whether she got a seat in one of the cars.

With two friends, Sonya is traveling in the Nevada desert. About a week ago they posted the sun and rays photo with their caravan before heading to the camp

Photo: sonyakraus/instagram

► After the torrential rains, tens of thousands of visitors to the legendary Burning Man festival are stuck in the mud in the Nevada desert. The authorities in the US state asked people on Sunday (local time) to stay at the huge event site in Black Rock City for the time being.

Mud trap at US festival Mud drama in the desert

Quelle: Reuters, KameraOne, Instagram@realfluffycloud, @burningmanfashion_, Twitter@VegasIssues 03.09.2023

The festival is supposed to end on Monday. However, it is feared that visitors could still be blocked until Tuesday or Wednesday!

As of Sunday morning, police said “just over 70,000 people” were stuck in Black Rock City. On Friday, she blocked access to the site, which is more than ten kilometers from the nearest residential buildings, due to heavy rainfall. One person died during the rains.

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“Like walking on liquid concrete”

A festival visitor who was also there: David Wang from Berlin. Actually, he wanted to celebrate in the midst of art and friends. But then came the mud-rain storm.

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He reports to BILD: “There was a party for one day, we were lucky. But then it rained continuously. Running was very difficult. It felt like walking on quicksand. Like walking on liquid concrete. Almost all festival performances have been canceled except for those in the local camps. But everything is so far apart.”

David Wang beim „Burning Man“

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The Berliner made it out on his own with his car

Photo: private

He got out on his own: “Officially, you’re not allowed to leave the camp. If you do it anyway, it is at your peril of getting stuck with the risk. But we did it.”

Another participant, who wished to remain anonymous, described feeling lonely and made a serious accusation against the festival team: “All the rangers allegedly ran away. Everyone is on their own.”

According to the website, the “Black Rock Rangers” are experienced “Burning Man” participants who are on site as helpers. They are explicitly intended to help solve problems.

Chaos at Burning Man Festival Diplo and Chris Rock escape the mud trap

What: Reuters, Instagram 03.09.2023

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