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Muhammad Obeidat writes..mental health and self-reconciliation :: Nabataeans

Mental health, or recently called behavioral health, is considered the most important for people’s lives and well-being, and for life to be free of disturbances and bad moods, in order to move towards the state of wellness that everyone aspires to; Therefore, reconciliation with oneself is very important for the purposes of positive mental health without disturbances:

1. Everyone knows that behavioral or mental health disorders lead to insomnia, anxiety, problems in relationships with others, and sometimes sadness, mood disturbances, and others; And thus devolve into an unstable mood and reflect on others in the ocean.

2. Many suffer from mental illnesses and mental health disorders that lead to aggressive behaviors to self, others or society; These people have the responsibility to create an opposite situation to their reality by modifying their psychological moods medically, educationally or even athletically.

3. Psychological and emotional happiness, in turn, leads to flexibility in dealing with challenges and adapting to stress, and as a result, it leads to wellness and creativity in life.

4. Psychological happiness also spreads love, friendship, self-management, free time, solving problems and dealing with pressures of all kinds.

5. There is no doubt that the regional situation and the unstable situation in the Middle East, the growing problems of unemployment and poverty and the current challenges directly affect the mental health of all people; Rather, it makes people insomnia and self- and societal anxiety.

6. The recipe for stable mental health comes from absolute belief in God Almighty, spirituality, patience, self-control, performing acts of worship, stability and reconciliation with oneself and others, rejecting a society of hatred and mistrust of others, and consolidating a society of justice, equality, respect for self and others, and others.

7. It is required that everyone contribute to the promotion of the stable mental health of those around us by maximizing the full part of the cup and dealing with kindness, tolerance, love and tranquility, and reducing the size of the empty part of the cup in terms of dwarfing the negativity and avoiding all kinds of inconveniences and away from provoking others and defeating moods and others.

Frankly: the mental health and general mood of people need to be taken into account these days, as people are selfish by nature as a result of daily challenges and life annoyances, and the happiness of ourselves and those around us is required to enjoy high mental health and wellness like me.

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