Munich: alcohol ban in the open due to corona from an incidence of 35! – Munich

Munich – If even more people become infected with Corona, Munich will be drained. Mayor Dieter Reiter (62, SPD) announces a ban on alcohol in the open air.

It is scheduled to take effect as soon as the 7-day incidence in Munich rises above 35. This means: In one week, an average of 35 people per 100,000 inhabitants were infected with Corona.

The 7-day incidence is currently 27.93 (as of August 25). However, the health department expects that the value 35 will be exceeded in the middle of the week.

Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann (63, CSU) on BILD: “I expressly welcome the alcohol bans decided by the city of Munich with a seven-day incidence of 35 or more. At the end of July I had already urged our Bavarian municipalities to examine the issue of alcohol bans in public areas in their area. “

► And further: “One thing is clear: we have to be extremely vigilant now. There are many indications that the insidious coronavirus is returning with full force. Unfortunately, when alcohol is involved, too many no longer adhere to the corona protection rules. A single infected person can set off a giant chain of infection and thus endanger countless human lives. We must prevent that at all costs. Where there is a lack of reason, only prohibitions help. “

Photo: Peter Kneffel / dpa

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Pictures like this of people crowded together on the Isar, who often also drink alcohol, are one reason why the city is now trying to crack down on itPhoto: Peter Kneffel / dpa

The ban will then apply throughout the city at night. After 9 p.m. no more alcohol may be sold. After 11 p.m. it is no longer allowed to drink outside.

On Monday, Lord Mayor Dieter Reiter (62, SPD) and the town hall parties met with the district administration and health department for a “round table”. The topic of discussion: The current situation at Gärtnerplatz, on the Isar, in the English Garden and other meeting places in the city.

▶ Time and again, the police have to break up party meetings of several hundred people.

The residents are annoyed, health experts are alarmed about the risk of corona infections.

Lord Mayor Reiter: “The decision was not an easy one for all of us. In times of the pandemic, however, it is first and foremost about protecting the population and avoiding even more burdensome measures as far as possible. “

Munich economics officer Clemens Baumgärtner (44) on the decision: “Bans are always the last resort. In this case, however, the functionality of the kindergartens, schools and Munich’s economy takes priority. That’s why I find a ban justified and understandable. “

The Munich CSU interior expert and member of the Bundestag Michael Kuffer (48) on BILD: “The excesses on Gärtnerplatz and elsewhere have unfortunately made the threatened alcohol ban inevitable. The development of the 7-day incidence shows in general: The green-red majority of the city council now has to bring itself to action. Otherwise schools and day-care centers could be closed again in time for the end of the holiday. There must be no risk that kindergarten children and schoolchildren will have to foot the bill for an unrepentant party scene. “

That’s what the kiosk owner says

Harald Guzahn betreibt den Kiosk an der Reichenbachbrücke. „Das es so weit kommt, hätte ich nicht gedacht. Das wird halt Stellen kosten bei uns. Wir haben die ganze Nacht offen. Am Tag sind 3 bis 4 MiPhoto: Robert Gongoll

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Harald Guzahn runs the kiosk at Reichenbachbrücke. “I wouldn’t have thought that it would come to this. That will cost us jobs. We are open all night. There are 3 to 4 employees in the kiosk every day. If we’re not allowed to sell alcohol after 9 p.m., food sales will likely decrease too. The real question is whether people will still be hungry. “Photo: Robert Gongoll

That’s what the boys at Gärtnerplatz say

Maximilian Winter (24), Michael Hanuschke (19) und Johannes von Ofen (19) sitzen am Gärtnerplatz. „Das ganze Stadtgebiet einzubeziehen, ist zu viel“, sagt Johannes. Maximilian: „Die Leute treffen sichPhoto: Danny Strasser

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Maximilian Winter (24), Michael Hanuschke (19) and Johannes von Ofen (19) are sitting on Gärtnerplatz. “To include the entire city area is too much,” says Johannes. Maximilian: “People meet anyway and then just drink iced tea.” Young liberals. Any restriction of freedom should be well founded, my Maximilian. “The main problem is that the city has failed to create attractive alternatives for months.”Photo: Danny Strasser

That’s what the local resident says

Sehr zufrieden ist dagegen Harald D. (61). Er lebt seit 30 Jahren am Flaucher und ist genervt von Alkoholexzessen und Party-Lärm!„Nachts mit offenem Fenster schlafen? Das geht bei mir seid Jahren nichPhoto: Robert Gongoll

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On the other hand, Harald D. (61) is very satisfied. He has lived at Flaucher for 30 years and is annoyed by excessive alcohol and party noise! ​​“Sleeping with the window open at night? I haven’t been able to do that for years, ”he says. His hope? “A ban on entering between and 6 o’clock would help us. Thanks to Corona, grilling on the Flaucher is forbidden. “Photo: Robert Gongoll


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