Municipality of Molenbeek: Turmoil and Resignations Shake Top Administrative Positions

2023-09-11 10:06:50

A little over two months ago, 5 senior officials from the municipality of Molenbeek sent a letter to the college of mayor and aldermen. There was question “outbursts, repeated behavior of irreverence and coercive attitudes” in the head of the college.

Since then, far from appeasement between the protagonists, the climate has deteriorated further. The mayor has decided to part ways with the municipality’s HR director, one of the signatories of the letter to the college. And now, it is the acting municipal secretary, Marijke Aelbrecht, who is throwing in the towel. Strictly speaking, she does not resign but asks the college to end her appointment as interim municipal secretary. Among the reasons given, “Recent developments show that decisions are taken by the College of Mayor and Aldermen without taking into account these legal provisions: files established outside of the Secretary FF or non-compliance with opinions given by the municipal hierarchy.

It is to be feared that no member of staff will still be safe from the whims and other settling of political scores.”

Marijke Aelbrecht poursuit: “the non-respect, by the college of aldermen, of the authority of the Acting Secretary and his direct collaborators and certain decisions taken by members of the college have led to the impossibility of making the administration function in a normal and calm manner. She has become unmanageable.”.

Marijke Aelbrecht did not wish to answer our questions, in the name of the duty of confidentiality of civil servants. Catherine Moureaux has not yet responded to our request for reaction. It is the top of the municipal administration of Molenbeek which is thus decapitated.

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