Murder of Marwane: two months after his disappearance, the body of the young man found in a plastic trunk near Rouen

Marwane Souidi had not given any sign of life since September 21.

Marwane Souidi, 25, living in Lagny-le-Sec (Oise), has been missing since September 21. After a night out with a friend in Arpajon (Essonne), he no longer gave any sign of life. Causing great concern to his family who reported his disappearance. The investigation was entrusted to the Judicial Police of Evry.

This Saturday, we learned that the body of Marwane was found this Thursday in Rives-en-Sine, near Rouen, according to Le Parisien. The body was concealed in a plastic trunk stored in an elevator pit.

Beaten and strangled

According to the first elements, Marwane was subjected to acts of torture. It turns out that the young man was the scapegoat of another man, the main suspect in this case, who allegedly beat him up and killed him by strangulation. Then, for two months, the suspect would have moved the body in several places: cellars, car, elevator pits… Before the famous trunk was found on Thursday. He and his companion were presented to justice for an indictment for “acts of torture and barbarism” and “murder”.

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