Muslims can’t pretend the dark side of Islam isn’t their concern

Muslims should unreservedly condemn crimes committed in the name of Islam, says Lebanese website Daraj. Religious or national communities are accustomed to claiming glorious episodes in their history, they must also know how to face the most difficult ones.

The crimes committed in Paris and Nice can be described as simple criminal acts involving individuals. This does not contradict the fact that these are assassinations committed by individuals belonging to Muslim circles and acting with Islamic slogans against people who do not belong to these circles. And if the Muslim masses have condemned these crimes, the fact remains that they could have reacted with more vigor, since the assassins justify their acts in their names and in the name of their beliefs. Muslims should recognize that this fanaticism comes from home and that they are more concerned than others by these facts. The bonds of a community mean that it has a share of responsibility for the actions of those who belong to it, not in the penal sense but in the moral sense.

Take responsibility for your past, whether it is a source of pride or shame

This is what the Germans understood, for example. Although current generations did not participate in the Holocaust, they consider it to be a stigma which concerns them collectively. Just as Germans can be proud of the rewarding chapters of their history – although they did not contribute to it – they are


Bashar Haidar

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Daraj, “Escalier” is a new alternative news site born in 2017 in Beirut. Its editorial team is made up of professional journalists from Lebanon and other Arab countries. By its sections, the site contrasts with the


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