My 4 month old is an orphan! Wife forbidden to listen, don’t leave. Finally, the trailer hit the road – Fresh news

Sad young wife forbidden to listen not to go out to see friends until bad luck Riding on a motorcycle, collided with the back of a trailer parked on the roadside, died when the 4-month-old son was orphaned by his father.

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At 21.30 on 21 November 2021 Lieutenant Colonel Charuk Phothong, Deputy Inspector (Investigation) Phanthong Police Station Chonburi Province Received notification of an accident of a motorcycle hitting the back of an 18-wheel trailer parked along Ban Rai-Nong Kan Road, Village No. 6, Nong Hong Subdistrict, Panthong District, Chonburi Province, died at the scene therefore rushed to check ready The Rescue Unit of the Traikhamathon Foundation, Chonburi

sceneA man’s body was found lying face down. He had a serious wound on his head. Nearby there is a Honda Wave motorcycle, registration number 7, KT 3975, Bangkok overturned, demolished condition. and a white Hino tow truck parked on the side of the road with broken taillights


Later, a colleague came to see the body and stated that The deceased’s name was Mr. Kun, 34 years old, from Myanmar. We still talk in the evening and still hold his 4-month-old baby. and saw Mrs. Kun Complained not wanting to drive out of the house to meet friends. because drunk But Mr. Kun didn’t listen stubbornly and drove off. until a colleague saw the license plate of the car that had an accident So I came out and saw that it was Mr. Kun.


Then the staff brought the professor to the hospital. Ready to investigate legal proceedings before allowing the family to take the body back to perform the religious ceremonies

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