“My face has been destroyed”

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Crystal Weinstock, a woman originally from Houston, Texas, found that beauty costs and that the results are not always what is expected. Through a TikTok video, she shared her story for her followers and showed how her eyebrows turned out after undergoing the procedure known as microblading.

The story immediately went viral because of how it looked once it left the beauty salon, especially since more and more people are resorting to this way of marking their face much more, since this technique became fashionable and replaced the very popular tattoos in other decades.

The woman assured that her eyebrows were too thick and that when she saw the result she could not help but feel humiliated. Her pocket also suffered, since the cost of this change was 340 dollars, a price that she considered high when looking at the result. It is no secret to anyone that any aesthetic change carries the risk that something will go wrong or that it will not turn out as imagined.

Crystal, 38, broke down in tears on camera as she told her followers that she was devastated by how she looked, as looking in the mirror was very difficult for her emotionally. It is not for less, because we must remember that microblading is a treatment that consists of passing small needles that add semi-permanent pigment in the skin area where it is desired, in this case the eyebrows. Yes, it is actually like a tattoo, but not for life, it fades little by little and needs maintenance.

The worst for this victim of aesthetics His illusions were destroyed, because he had wanted to try this beauty technique for quite some time and decided to commit to change after seeing the positive experiences of other people. She did not have the same fate: «I had been thinking about doing a microsculpture on my eyebrows for some time. Many people had recommended it to me and the results on the internet looked incredible. They have ripped my face off though,” Weinstock said.

He regrets how his eyebrows turned out after microblading

Weinstock lincreased as this procedure She did not meet her expectations, because at the beginning her face caused her a conflict and a lot of embarrassment because of how thick her eyebrows were and she is also not satisfied with the result she received, because she stressed that it was not what she asked for when she went to the establishment: “First of all, this is embarrassing. Secondly, this is not what I asked for,” the woman explained.

The sad situation of this American has left many comments on TikTok, especially from users who, in addition to putting themselves in her shoes, suggested that she review very well the site she would go to the next time she wanted to make a change of look. “Be very careful with the centers to which you are going to undergo cosmetic touch-ups,” Crystal herself stressed.

But she is not the first woman that this has happened to her, because hundreds of stories have been released on social networks in which other women do microblading and are not satisfied. That is the importance of looking for the right spot, checking other work they have done and also making sure that the establishment is certified, since the eyebrows are the element that gives harmony and frames the face.

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