My husband, with the power of a horse, brought me and my wife together in one room, and I want to do more. !

Dr. Heba Kotb, a marital relations consultant, receives strange and embarrassing questions from time to time and answers them through a program clearly presented by Omar Al-Laithi on Al-Hayat TV.

In one episode, a married woman asked Heba Qutb a strange question, in which she said: “My husband is strong, so he brings me together with my co-parents during the relationship. What should I do?”

The caller indicated that her husband threatens her with divorce if she does not agree to his request.

Dr. Heba Qutb replied, “Do not accept this forbidden thing, our Lord called it a legal retreat, and anything else, our Lord will hold you accountable for it.”

Through the program and its pages on the communication sites, Heba Kotb is keen to provide medical information for the purpose of raising awareness and directing the correct behavior of men and women.

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