Na Kyung-won’s side “declaration of running for a place that is symbolic of conservatives after the Lunar New Year holidays”

Former Congressman Na Gyeong-won, who is contemplating running for the People’s Power 3/8 National Convention, is entering his home in Seoul on the 19th. [사진 = 연합뉴스]

There was a prospect that former lawmaker Na Gyeong-won, who is in the middle of’going’ over whether to run for the next party convention, will declare a run after the Lunar New Year holiday.

Former lawmaker Park Jong-hee, known as an aide to former lawmaker Na, appeared on MBC radio’s ‘Kim Jong-bae’s Attention’ on the morning of the 20th and said, “(Former lawmaker Na) will hold a ceremony at a symbolic place for conservatives after the Lunar New Year holidays.” .

In response to the moderator’s question about the ‘specific launching ceremony venue’, former lawmaker Park said, “I can’t tell you a definite date, and ideas are coming from several locations.” “We will hold the ceremony at a symbolic place in the sense that we can successfully lead the performance of state affairs and lay the foundation for the next re-election,” he explained.

When asked about whether he was prepared to improve relations with President Yoon Seok-yeol, he said, “It’s very burdensome because the statement from the presidential secretary’s office came out while the president was out.”

He said, “It will be done by the lonely and prudent decision of the former lawmaker himself.” did.

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