Nagui returned to live in Paris: his conditions imposed on his wife Mélanie to leave the chic suburbs

It will soon be twenty-five years since Nagui found his soul mate, the beautiful Mélanie Page. It was in 1999, near Saint-Tropez. Today, nothing has changed: they still spin the perfect love. And this despite their age difference, his beautiful having as a reminder fourteen years younger than him. Together, they are parents of three children: Roxane (19), Annabel (15) and Adrien, born in 2012. The presenter of Do not forget the lyrics is also the father of a child, Nina, born in 1997 from his past relationship with Marine Vignes.

This week, Nagui and Mélanie Page are interviewed for Paris Match. This is in particular the opportunity to learn that at the beginning of their relationship, the facilitator lived in Saint-Cloud (very chic city of Hauts-de-Seine), while his sweetheart lived in the Marais, famous Parisian district . “The setting was perfect, but it’s true that everything closed at 6 p.m.“, he remembered for the magazine. She had to beg him to come back to the capital for him to accept. But if and only if the following two conditions were met: no one above his head , because he had already lived with “of the noisy neighbors“, as well as, “ideally“, a “vue“.

We are in a bubble

Since then, they have moved in together and now live in the heart of Montmartre, in the 18th arrondissement of the city of light. “It’s very calm, there’s no engine noise, we’re in a bubble“, explains Nagui to our colleagues. Mélanie Page also seems very seduced by this district, she who fell in love with Paris quite simply. A passion for this city, which was transmitted to her from an early age by her parents from Australia and the United Kingdom: “I was raised by foreigners who moved here for love. I too loved the bridges, the monuments, the streets. For years, I did everything on foot.”

It should be noted that in addition to having children and being settled in a pleasant district of the capital, Nagui and Mélanie Page have been married since 2010. A marriage which took place in Egypt, the country of origin of the animator.

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