Nancy Ajram and Elissa enter into a fit of hysterical laughter: We haven’t had a long time

The Lebanese journalist, Firas Halima, published, on his account via Instagram, a video clip showing a spontaneous meeting between the two Lebanese artists, Nancy Ajram and Elissa, on the sidelines of their concert in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, where laughter filled the place and the two artists revealed many secrets about their relationship.

In the details, Firas Halima broke into a secret conversation between Nancy and Elissa, to the latter’s surprise by saying: “It is enough to photograph,” but he interrupted them, trying to find out what they were talking about, so Nancy replied spontaneously: “We have a time that we have not justified.”

From here, the journalist tried to find out if they were talking about their artistic matters, but Elissa’s answer came opposite to Nancy’s answer at the same moment, which put them into a fit of hysterical laughter on the air, so they expressed the special relationship that unites them, despite some attempts by a number of people to create differences. between them from time to time.

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