National Internet Service Providers Ready to Partner with Starlink – 2024-04-20 06:05:18

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The presence of Starlink in Indonesia is still causing polemics. Players in the national telecommunications industry sector have even expressed their objections to the presence of the company made by Elon Musk.

Secretary General of the Indonesian Internet Service Providers Association (APJII) Zulfadly Syam said that his party could understand the objections and protests of several APJII and also telecommunications companies. With quite large financial strength plus support from several officials in Indonesia for Starlink, it makes entrepreneurs worried.

“Because of the large financial support plus the ease of licensing provided by officials, friends are worried that there won’t be any equal playing field. APJII still hopes that the government will not give permission to Starlink to sell its products directly to the public. “If the government wants to grant permission, APJII hopes that the government can impose the same requirements for all telecommunications operators who will do business in Indonesia,” said Zulfadly.

So that its presence can provide added value to the national telecommunications industry, Zulfadly hopes that the government will ensure that Starlink does not directly sell its services to the Indonesian people. Without applying for a permit to provide telecommunications services, Zulfadly said Starlink could still provide internet services via satellite technology Low Earth Orbit Satellite (LEO). The way to do this is by establishing partnerships with telecommunications service providers who are members of APJII.

With no less than 1027 members spread throughout Indonesia, Zulfadly is confident that telecommunications service providers who are members of APJII have an established infrastructure and sales network. With this infrastructure, continued Zulfadly, Starlink does not need to spend large investments to get consumers. Starlink can utilize the end user infrastructure that has been built by APJII members to create mutually beneficial collaboration in a B2B model that optimizes local human resource development.

“APJII welcomes and hopes for a joint discussion forum between Starlink, APJII, and representatives of APJII members from various regions as a first step in building closer cooperation. We welcome and are open to Starlink collaborating better with APJII members to expand the reach of its services in Indonesia. “Our members really know the right market for Starlink products,” explained Zulfadly in his press release.

Without having a telecommunications services license, Starlink can collaborate with APJII. This collaboration gives telecommunications service providers who are members of APJII the ability to expand their market share again. Zulfadly added, so far many APJII members have had problems developing their services. Especially in areas that have challenging geographical conditions.

“So collaboration and cooperation between APJII members and Starlink has enormous benefits for both parties. Starlink focuses on selling backhaul to APJII members. Meanwhile, telecommunications service providers focus on running and seeking internet market share who want to use LEO satellite services. “There is still a lot of market share that needs to be worked on jointly between APJII and Starlink members,” concluded Zulfadly.

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