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source:Hulunbuir Daily

release time:2022-09-01 10:51:18

On August 31, the Moqi team, who played on behalf of the Inner Mongolia team in the 2022 National Men’s Hockey Champions Cup, played against the Tianjin team and finally won 4-0, achieving three consecutive victories in this competition without conceding a goal.

In the match with Tianjin team, the Inner Mongolia team first scored a goal in the first quarter, and the two teams attacked each other in the second and third quarters but failed to achieve each other. In the fourth quarter of the game, the Inner Mongolia team launched a fierce offensive, scoring two goals and obtaining two 0.5 extra points, and finally won 4:0.

In the first game on the 29th, the Inner Mongolia team won the first game with 10.5:0. In the battle against Beijing on the 30th, the Inner Mongolia team took the lead all the way and finally won 5.5:0.

It is understood that this game adopts a new scoring rule, that is, all short corner kicks and goals in the fourth quarter in the game will count as 1.5 points. The defending team steals the ball in the 23-meter area and counterattacks. 1.5 points are scored after passing the ball within 5 times (including the completion of the shot). (Jiang Xiwu)

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