National News Agency – Head of the “Say No to Violence” Association lectured in Riyadh on resilience in the face of terrorism and extremism through emotional intelligence

NNA – The head of the Lebanese “Say No to Violence” association, Tariq Abu Zainab, lectured on “Resilience in the Face of Terrorism and Extremism through Emotional Intelligence”, at the invitation of the “Islamic Alliance”, at the Alliance headquarters in the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, in the presence of the Secretary-General of the Islamic Military Coalition to Combat Terrorism, Major General Pilot Mohammed bin Saeed Al-Mughidi, and with the participation of representatives of the member states of the coalition.

In his lecture, Abu Zainab touched on “the impact of media platforms on emotional intelligence and their role in drawing the stereotyped image of the recipient,” stressing “the great and mighty role played by the Islamic Military Alliance to fight terrorism and understand the roots of extremism through its efforts in combating military, intellectual and media terrorism and combating the financing of terrorism.” Terrorism, in order to immunize the younger generations and protect societies from the scourge of terrorism.

Abu Zainab said: “The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia plays a major and pioneering role in supporting the Islamic coalition to fight terrorism and instilling the values ​​of tolerance and moderation,” praising the efforts of Major General Al-Maghidi and the coalition’s work team.

At the end of the lecture, Abu Zainab received an honorary shield in the name of the coalition.

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