National Power Council and People Power Party: Uncovering the Political Dynamics

2023-12-15 05:02:33

Woong Kim, National Power Council, “Han Dong-hoon is the avatar of the president”
When pro-Yoongye Lee shouts “Stop”, he shouts “Listen”

People Power Party lawmaker Kim Woong is asking a question at the National Assembly Public Administration and Security Committee audit of government affairs held at the Jeonbuk Provincial Office last October. yunhap news

At the People Power Party’s general meeting on the 15th, a heated debate broke out over the claim of ‘Emergency Response Committee Chairman Han Dong-hoon’. When Representative Ji Seong-ho and others argued that Justice Minister Han Dong-hoon should be appointed as the chair of the emergency committee, Representative Kim Woong objected, saying, “Isn’t our party appointing a new Kim Joo-ae (daughter of State Affairs Commission Chairman Kim Jong-un)?” During Rep. Kim’s remarks, Rep. Lee Yong, a member of the ‘pro-Yoon Seok faction’, shouted, “Stop,” and Acting Party Leader Yoon Jae-ok (floor leader) requested restraint, saying, “If this continues, it’s worse than not holding a general assembly.” The People Power Party held an emergency general meeting of members at the National Assembly this morning to discuss solutions following the resignation of former leader Kim Ki-hyun. Attendees reported that at the general assembly, Rep. Ji Seong-ho and others claimed, “I think Han Dong-hoon is a powerful person who can lead our party to victory in the general election.” At this, Rep. Kim Woong of Biyun-gye said, “Not long ago, North Korea called Kim Joo-ae ‘the morning star female general,’ and today I think our party is appointing a new Kim Joo-ae.” He is said to have said, “I came (to the speaking stand) to fight.” Representative Kim is said to have called Minister Han “the president’s avatar” and said that it would be difficult to win next year’s general election if Minister Han is appointed as emergency committee chairman. Rep. Kim said, “The problem with our party is that it plays the role of the Yongsan 2nd Company,” and added, “(If we lose in next year’s general election), impeachment will occur again next year. He is known to have claimed, “Impeachment happens when there are insufficient numbers (of lawmakers).” According to multiple attendees, Rep. Chin Yoon-gye Lee Yong shouted, “Stop it,” and Rep. Kim responded by saying, “Listen,” and the atmosphere in the conference room became cold. In the end, Acting President Yoon said, “It is not necessary to hold a general meeting to appoint an emergency chairperson. However, he is reported to have pointed out, “This was held to listen to the various opinions of the lawmakers, and no matter how much there is a difference of opinion, it is not desirable to do it this way,” and “It is worse than not doing it at all.”

People Power Party lawmaker Lee Yong is asking a question at the National Assembly audit of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism held at the National Assembly Culture, Sports and Tourism Committee on the 10th. yunhap news

On this day, the general meeting lasted about 100 minutes. At the National Assembly, “Minister Han should be appointed as the emergency committee chairperson and be invited to bring him in.” “A person with no political experience (like Minister Han) should not become emergency committee chairperson.” “Rather than bringing in a one-man, we should go with an Avengers system.” It is said that various opinions were expressed. Regarding the vertical relationship between the President’s Office and the party, “The party has been perceived as being a direct agency of the President’s Office” and “The People Power Party is a dead party.” It is reported that there was criticism that “the party’s approval rating will only increase if it is shown that it is a viable party.” Acting President Yoon met with reporters after the general meeting and said, “The first criteria (for the selection of emergency chairperson) was ‘someone who meets the public’s expectations, can empathize with the public, and can lead our party to victory in the general election at a critical time ahead of the election. “Most people agreed with the standard of ‘a person with ability or ability,’” he said, adding, “We will continue to listen to various opinions from lawmakers.” Reporter Shin Min-jeong [email protected]
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