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National: the Red Star offers the leader, Créteil continues to sink

A victory, a draw, a defeat. The results of the Île-de-France and Oise teams during this 15th day of National are mixed but saved by the Red Star.

The Red Star who remained on four consecutive defeats in the league achieved the performance of the evening by winning against the leader Bourg-en-Bresse (2-1). In a boiling Bauer stadium, Habib Beye’s team was attractive, well carried by its offensive players Michaël Nilor (1st goal with the Red Star), Damien Durand (1 assist, 1 goal) and Pape Meissa Ba. In the Bourg-en-Bresse goal, Anthony Maisonnial, the former Paris FC goalkeeper, was decisive on several occasions. Has the Red Star coming out of the relegation zone (12th) found his reference match that will allow him to finally take off?

Creteil, continues his bad series with a 3rd consecutive defeat at Villefranche, well installed on the podium. Led on an extraordinary volley from Dabasse (1-0, 16th), the Cristoliens were stifled in the first period. Riffi Mandanda had to make a big save against Elisor (64th) to avoid the 2-0. But, it is Créteil who finishes the strongest and Cheikh Fantamady Diarra even finds the crossbar (76th). Manu Da Costa’s team woke up too late and remain 17th, and penultimate.

On three consecutive defeats in the league and an elimination on penalties in the Coupe de France during the Oise derby against Beauvais, Chambly failed to regain success but at least stopped the bleeding against Sedan (2-2). Led twice, Bruno Luzi’s players managed to equalize twice. Former Versailles and Red Star striker Johanne Akassou scored his first with Chambly where he signed in early October.

The player: Damien Durand

He’s the Red Star player in form. On Saturday, his double at Gazélec Ajaccio (2-1) allowed the Red Star to qualify for the 32nd finals of the Coupe de France. The former recreation center host, was still decisive against Bourg-en-Bresse with an assist and a goal. He brings his total to 6 goals and 8 assists since the start of the season.

The number: 1

Habib Beye scored his first league victory since being officially named to the Red Star bench.

Information: Créteil will play his 32nd final at Duvauchelle

Créteil should have traveled to the Lyon suburbs to face US Vénissieux (R1) on December 18 in the 32nd round of the Coupe de France. But the match was reversed after agreement with the two clubs. “We learned of the non-validity of our land on November 30, the Federation ruled so, without giving any other details,” explains the president of the USV Jean-Pierre Chaix. The Vuillermet stadium in Lyon 8th, that of Saint-Priest or even Décines could have been solutions but with financial compensation. Who could have ensured this additional financial cost? Time was playing against us. For all these reasons, we accepted the reversal of the match. It will therefore take place at 4 pm on Saturday, December 18 at the Duvauchelle stadium.

Match sheets


Buts. Red Star: Nilor (21st), Durand (66th); Bourg-en-Bresse: Eickmayer (28th)

Red Star: Charruau – Daillet (M. Ndoye, 46th) Sparagna, Homawoo, El Hriti – Vialla (Maës, 67th), Cadiou, C. Ndoye (cap.), Durand (Guel, 76th) – Meissa Ba, Nilor. Entr. : Beye.


But. Dabasse (16e)

Créteil: R. Mandanda – Richard (Urie, 70th), Soaré, Belkouche (Flochon, 70th), Dabo – Baptista, Pereira, Chergui – Pembélé, Diarra, Araujo. Entr. : Da Costa.

CHAMBLY – SEDAN: 2-2 (1-1)

Buts. Chambly: Akassou (38th), Pierre-Charles (69th); Sedan: Matondo (15th, 53rd).

Chambly: Pinoteau – Doremus, Zogba, Karamoko, Pierre-Charles – Camelo, Umbenstock, Kilic – Berthier, Akassou, Vincent. Entr. : B. Luzi.

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